Domain Name Services

A domain name is the website address (e.g., for your website. Having a custom domain name is a basic requirement for a professional website. It can also provide a great professional email address (e.g., instead of should you want to add a custom email address too. There are also SEO benefits to designing the right domain name. says, "A domain name adds credibility to your small business." clarifies the importance of a dot-com (.com) domain name extension: "...understand the importance of getting a dot-com domain name. Everyone from investors to potential customers see this as an indicator of the credibility of your business. With all the different domain extensions that have been enabled over the last several years, it's incredibly easy for a new business to settle for something like a dot-info, dot-people, or dot-business extension. Don't do it."

Register a Unique Domain Name

ADC has worked with domain names for decades. We're experts in helping you create a great, unique domain name without having to go buy one from someone who already owns it (which can get very expensive).

Our CEO even wrote a book called How to Name Your Business which also contains great advice for determining a great domain name.

Purchase an Existing Domain Name from a Different Owner

Domain names are commodities that are bought and sold between parties. There are many reputable domain exchanges where owners can post their domains for sale and buyers can bid or purchase those domains. Likewise, there are many scams and dangers out there that can steal your money and your domain.

If you know the person selling or buying the domain name, the exchange can be a lot simpler and less risky.

We can help you through these processes if you need assistance. Contact us to find out.

Transfer a Domain Name to/from a Different Owner

Transferring ownership of a domain name or modifying the DNS settings for a domain to make it "point" to a different location or integrate email servers, often requires some technical assistance so please contact us.

Buy One of Our Many Domain Names for Use or Investment

Our company owns and manages nearly a hundred domain names. Many of these were created/purchased/registered decades ago to use for projects that never happened or because they were valuable for investment purposes.

Realize that quality dot-com (.com) domain names are very hard to obtain since almost every dictionary word, one, two and three-letter combination, and common phrase have already been registered.

ADC-owned Domain Names for Sale

Here are SOME of our domain names that we own and are willing to sell for the right price (make an offer):

  • - Excellent opportunity for containing a state-wide event calendar or blog! Ranks high in an alphabetical list too! Great opportunity paid advertising and residual income! Great opportunity paid advertising and residual income with an opt-in mailing list!
  • $4,985.00 - Okay, we're not "into" this type of thing and this particular domain name is very valuable. Honestly, we registered it in order to use it as a negotiating trade for another non-sex-related domain name. The entity we were negotiating with was "into" this type of thing with very similar domain names and we thought this would be a great bargaining chip. However, the trade fell through but the value of this domain name is tremendous and we've been holding onto it for years and it's time to let someone else take it. Think daily mailing list with paid advertising for residual income?
  • - We are based in Roseville, CA and this was something we were considering operating but it has been years and we are willing to sell it if someone wants it before we get around to developing it ourselves. Ranks high in an alphabetical list too! Great opportunity paid advertising and residual income!
  • - Ditto to the above 356DaysOf[Location] domain names! Sacramento offers a wide range of options for this website!
  • Real Estate Domain Names (these are sold in two different packages). It is important to understand the term Realtor® is a registered trademarked and to use a domain name with this word in it can only be used as a "redirect" domain name that will automatically redirect the web user to your main website. However, Realtor® is a term that is searched for regularly so owning a domain name with this word in it can be valuable to help increase your search engine scoring more than your competition (assuming everything else is equal).
    • Roseville Real Estate Domain Name PACKAGE $2,250 - Roseville, CA is the economic leader in Placer County and one of the fastest growing cities in the nation with at least another 20 years of impressive growth ahead!
      • - this is a popular search term and, therefore, this domain name is valuable for SEO rank scoring. This domain alone is worth more the price of this discounted package!
    • Sun City Real Estate Domain Name PACKAGE $2,750 - Sun City is a name used for many 55+ retirement communities across the nation. Real estate agents who work with seniors can have a huge advantage if they have the corner on the domain name market when it comes to search engine ranking and awareness of your specialty!
      WHY are Sun City Real Estate Domain Names Valuable?
      Because this is a very focused area (specific location name used for searching) that is becoming very active (again) because of its "situation." The Sun City homes in Roseville, for example, were built between 1995 & 2000 and sold out to people over 55 (often much older). These mature adults tend to be upper-middle class. For quite a few years, it was difficult to find homes for sale in this highly-valued community.HOWEVER, these homes are now between 14 & 19 years old and this means that, generally speaking, the average age of the home owners has increased by the same amount. The original owners are now starting to “expire” or move into assisted-living facilities which means that there is an increasing turnover of properties and, often, offspring are searching for realtors to sell their parents’ homes. Here are some interesting 2011 statistics about Sun City Roseville:

      Population: 5,336 people
      Median Household income: $95,372 (median in Roseville is $75,184)
      Owner Occupied homes (as opposed to renters): 88.7%

  • Funeral and Cremation Domain Names
    • - The funeral industry is moving to cremation as a norm. The first business to offer a quality Q&A website to provide answers will hold a huge opportunity for residual income through affiliate sales, product and service sales, cremation services recommendations, and more.
    • $9,995.00 - ADC has considered partnering with a top regional funeral homes to provide online setup of 90% of funeral services so the grieving families don't have to walk in and answer a bunch of questions in person. This could allow online registration and ordering of caskets, services, urns, flowers, music, registry books, announcement cards, and much more. Huge upside potential for profit. Good luck finding a better domain name that is available.
    • - similar description to below except this name offers other options for online life scrapbooking.
    • $19,990.00 - This has an incredible ROI considering many families want to keep a permanent Life Tribute for their loved ones. Especially valuable for pre-death clients who want to setup their own tribute ahead of time. Huge revenue potential with all kinds of add-on sales.
    • - Corner the market for any city named Lincoln. Strong SEO potential.
    • - cremation is the fastest-growing service of funeral homes.
    • - The Sikh religion is large. Just think about cornering this market.
    • - again, cremations are seeing exponential growth.
  • $8,550.00 - For many years we have desired to develop a special website that approaches Christianity from a LOGICAL perspective. For example, there is a ton of scientific evidence for the Genesis story of the Flood. There is amazing evidence for the the crucifixion and if you've read the book, The Case for Christ, you'll understand what we're talking about. Even the book, Mere Christianity approaches the concept of God using logic. We have not had time to develop this website but anyone who is willing to do so should contact us. The potential for affiliate marketing is tremendous too.
  • - Our CEO started and ran a tea parlor for over a decade. This domain can easily be developed into a tea parlor evaluation website that becomes a go-to place for researching tea parlors, checking reviews (via importing Yelp and Google reviews), paid advertising, etc. Great opportunity for residual income!
  • - "Dash of Panache" is a very unique and specialized phrase! He or she who owns this domain name has all kinds of potential market opportunities. Panache is French for style and pizzazz. See below!
  • - ADC provides this type of training and we will eventually develop this website because of all the affiliate marketing and advertising opportunities that can come along with the content. However, we have been working on client projects and this keeps getting placed on the back burner. If you'd like to own this domain, let's talk.
  • $4,950.00  - Kinship Care is a widely accepted as a proven way to keep children from getting lost in the foster care system of strangers. Kids who grow up with relatives have far better outcomes and Kinship Care is widely known in the adoption industry. Family Kinnections is a fantastic program name opportunity for any foster care or adoption agency. Also see the domain name below.
  • $5,300.00 - Going Green is huge. We envision this website as containing a requirements list for companies to register to be certified as "green" (using your own certification program) and then being able to show your Green Biz logo on their website and marketing materials. Charging a fee to register and then providing a variety of affiliate product links would help this website provide a revenue flow while you sleep.
  • $550.00 - anything with the word "Internet" and even "Inet" is rare. We've been holding this odd domain name for decades. Originally there was a thought of using it to share "miracle" stories to help build faith. However, we've had a few suggest other uses. Got an idea for it? Let's talk!
  • - See the domain name above. Similar story but this name is much more generic and shorter.
  • - we will develop this website within the next few years but if someone has an offer that will knock our socks off, we'd like to hear it. What we will do with this domain is build a website that is almost entirely automated with only minimal human interaction and a HUGE ROI. We plan to allow parents to select a letter style, fill in some key information, and our system will print very fancy letters "from Santa" postmarked from the North Pole (yep, we can) and then delivered to children (or anyone) before Christmas. Lots of advertising opportunities come with a domain name like this.
  • $9,995.00 - The world is changing. People order things online instead of going shopping in physical stores. They do not want to go to the laundry (or do laundry at home) either...never have wanted to. There are already companies popping up in each region that will come to your door to pick up laundry, then take it away for cleaning, and deliver it within the next day or two. This is a perfect website name for this market. Who will control it?
  • - Yep, very cool! See above. We've got ideas for this cutsie online store as it sells panache (French for style and pizzazz) items via affiliate links, thus never touching inventory directly. Pure residual income!
  • $10,000.00 - We ran this website for about a decade starting back in the year 2000. It was an online shopping mall using categories such as Flowers, Clothing, Electronics, etc. and displayed links to online stores for each category...all affiliate links that paid nice royalities back to us. We literally made about $500/mo for about two years. But we got too busy with client projects to maintain it and it slowly became outdated. We finally took it down in early 2016. Someday...but we're willing to sell it too if someone wants to run with it before we get around to it.
  • - We bought this for a special downtown event that brought tons of visitors to see all of the decorated wreathes during the holiday season. We never ended up using it for the downtown association but the event was very successful. We've held the domain name because we know it has great value to whoever decides to do this. Plenty of advertising opportunity comes with it!
  • $29,500.00 - This is our pride and joy as we envisioned this long before smartphones and Uber or Lyft emerged. If you've been reading the news lately, autonomous vehicles WILL be reality in the near future. It will become cheaper to use some form of taxi service than it will to own your own car. The number of companies offering this type of service will expand. THIS website has the potential of being THE location to hail your ride online and through an application. THIS WILL BE HUGE.

Contact us to discuss any of these domain names or to get help obtaining a different one.

Social Media Doesn't Work
Employees know Company Differentiation
Reasons to Use Business Consultants
Want to Start Their Own Business

According to Gallup, only 44% of small businesses have an active social media strategy. According to a Financial Times Survey, 91% of businesses report that social media has no real impact on their sales. Tired of throwing money away? Let's talk!

Only 37% of employees strongly agree with this statement: "I know what my company stands for and what makes our brand(s) different from our competitors." This signifies a great opportunity for companies to engage and align their employees with the brand purpose in order to accelerate the brand's performance. This is critical in retail and service settings! Let's talk!

There are four reasons that companies hire business consultants:
1. Unbiased Outside Viewpoint for a fresh perspective.
2. Specialized Skills that aren't in house.
3. Controversial Decision Maker for politically-charged issues.
4. Temporary Help that's often cheaper than long-term employees.

According to Gallup, 68% of Americans who don't already have one, want to start their own business. But only 8% of these plan to start one in the next 12 months! All it takes is a mentor to help dreamers put the pieces together to make that startup business a reality! Let's talk!

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Our headquarters are located in Roseville, California in Placer County in the Greater Sacramento Mega-region, but we serve clients around the globe. Other regional communities that we serve include Antelope, Auburn, Carmichael, Citrus Heights, Davis, Fairfield, Folsom, Granite Bay, Lincoln, Loomis, Natomas, North Sacramento, Orangevale, Rancho Cordova, Rocklin, South Sacramento. We also serve key cities across the United States including Los Angeles, Napa, San Francisco, the Bay Area, Denver, Seattle, Simi Valley, Portland, Salem OR, Santa Barbara, Albany NY, Honolulu Hawaii, and Santa Rosa CA.