Company Resume

Some of this material can be found in the Our History section of About Us, but we've formatted it a bit differently below so you can see details of the skills we used and the types of tasks we accomplished.

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Significant Projects (non-confidential)

Home Health Clinical Charting System

In order for Adventist Health to complete a key software project on time, we were contracted to write a complicated HCFA-485 Editor and supporting file maintenance programs to integrate into Adventist Health's Compubar™ Clinical Documentation System. Incorporates bar code data entry, a very complex charting phrase editor, complex form printing algorithms, user-friendly maintenance programs, error handling, etc.

Dove Evangelistic Tracking System

Designed and developed a full-featured software system to track demographics, attendance, decisions, and many statistical results for evangelistic and revival meetings as well as church outreach programs. Tracks a large customizable variety of statistics and allows clients to customize and filter the data for the many reports the system can produce. Used by hundreds of churches and evangelists. Was the #1 software product in its category.

ASK-A-NURSE Data Tracking System

We were hired to analyze, rebuild, and enhanced a customer data and statistical tracking system for Referral Systems Group (acquired by McKesson HBOC). This strategic software is a community-based telephone health information and referral service which produces efficient and complex statistical reports with multiple data gathering programs.

Dating Service and Roommate Finder System

Developed a unique database system for Abel Roommate Finders which is used to match customers based on a complex variety of desired physical and personality characteristics.

Corporate Mailing List System

Advanced multi-user mailing list program that included advanced sorting, categorization of names, tagging names individually and/or by category, printing tagged names to labels or envelopes, exporting to various data formats, etc.

Pac*Tel™ Budget Interface

Created a budget interface program for Pac*Tel™ that allows the importing and exporting of mainframe data through a PC front-end system designed for more efficient editing and reporting of the data.

Security Permits Software

Powerful software system to handle the issuance of security permits and logging of disturbances and violations at a 10,000 person campground in Soquel, CA. Includes easy editing, advanced searching, and nice reporting capabilities.

Bible Topic Management Software

Created, copyrighted, and marketed Bible Topic Management 2.0 which is a Bible reference management tool that includes a topic database, reference database, concordance, and sermonic outlines.

Eating Disorder and Alcohol Treatment Program

Developed a large patient tracking system for the rehabilitation unit of St. Helena Hospital and Health Center. System tracked a variety of information about patients and program attendance, etc.

Water Treatment Plant Software

Created a complex and extensive system for the Napa/American Canyon Waste Water Management Authority that calculates, tracks, and reports various chemical measurements and other related issues. Chemical analysis formulas were intricate and required careful quality assurance. Reports included a large variety of graphs and charts.

Volunteer Time Tracking System

Subcontracted (via Snipe's Enterprises) to write a complete system to track service time for over 700 volunteers at Alta Bates Hospital. System was easy to use yet provided a wide variety of features. Included service record award reports, etc.

Automated Job Tracking System

Developed a system used to automate a time card and work record for specific services performed at Preferred Images, Inc. System was used to produce customer billing reports and to track historical information from which strategic management decisions could be made.

Financial Analysis Package

Created a financial analysis package for Business Enterprises that keeps track of and reports financial trends of departments in various businesses. This EIS (Executive Information System) was a strategic asset for upper management and required careful testing and quality assurance.

Plates Management

Designed and developed a database system for plate collectors to track and catalog their collection.

Nuclear Medicine Data Analysis Program

Wrote various segments of a software system to aid in the testing of the linearity of data from CT scans in hospitals. This software was used by service technicians for configuring and testing this equipment. Algorithms consisted of fairly complex mathematical models.

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Where we Serve

Our headquarters are located in Roseville, California in Placer County in the Greater Sacramento Mega-region, but we serve clients around the globe. Other regional communities that we serve include Antelope, Auburn, Carmichael, Citrus Heights, Davis, Fairfield, Folsom, Granite Bay, Lincoln, Loomis, Natomas, North Sacramento, Orangevale, Rancho Cordova, Rocklin, South Sacramento. We also serve key cities across the United States including Los Angeles, Napa, San Francisco, the Bay Area, Denver, Seattle, Simi Valley, Portland, Salem OR, Santa Barbara, Albany NY, Honolulu Hawaii, and Santa Rosa CA.