New Website for ADC?

How Boring is This Going to Be? Ya know, this company has been around since 1986, for over thirty years! In that time, we’ve had four different website styles. Why is this being written as an article post? Because we need something to start out this process. Let’s dust off some cobwebs and open the archives… The First Website The first website was a custom-built theme we designed in Microsoft FrontPage. If you don’t know what this means, think “MS-DOS.” If you do not know MS-DOS is (slight chuckle is heard from the old guys in the background), think horse…

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  • Embrace the Pokemon Go Craze! It’s Great for Business!
    Embrace the Pokémon Go Craze! It’s Still Great for Business! “Sometimes what you want is right in front of you. All you have to do is open your eyes and see it.” – Meg Cabot During the nicer weather, have you noticed dozens or hundreds of people outside your business, all looking down at their […]
  • Does Your Business Understand Baby Boomers?
    Does Your Business Understand Baby Boomers? “Baby boomer” is a term used to describe the generation of Americans born from 1946 through 1964. That means these folks are now somewhere roughly between the ages of 53 and 71. I’m the youngest baby in that generation and I can attest that my older, generational siblings are […]
  • Kill the Squirrel Syndrome with the Pomodoro Technique
    Kill the Squirrel Syndrome with the Pomodoro Technique Yeah, I’ll admit it. So should you. As part of my recovery process, I have to admit something. I have experienced occasional symptoms that seem to point to a disorder known as Squirrel Syndrome. I am not alone in my plight. In all honesty, it should be […]
  • Groupon Lost to LivingSocial this Year
    Groupon Lost to LivingSocial this Year Up until now, it seemed that both would bend over backwards to get my restaurant on their list. They were heavy competitors and I knew it. I also made sure they knew they were competing with each other. It came down to relationship. Unfortunately, one awesome sales rep played […]
  • Minorities to Entrepreneurial Majorities
    Minorities to Entrepreneurial Majorities According to an Intuit report for 2020, the minorities in America will collectively become the majority of the population in the four largest states: California, New York, Texas, and Florida. They will comprise 40% of the national population with Hispanics being 20%. Many minority groups have segments that struggle with financial […]
  • Female Business Owners are Primed to Take Over the World
    Female Business Owners are Primed to Take Over the World Rolling back the calendar to 1948, only one-third of American women worked outside the home compared to 87% of men. As the decades rolled by, the gap has steadily narrowed as men’s employment rates declined and laboring women increased. Back in August, 2014, men had […]
  • Disneyland is Second in Popularity Only to Sumday Isle
    Disneyland (including all Disney resort properties) is one of the most popular vacation places on earth, but more people around the world go to Sumday Isle on a regular basis than Disneyland. Sumday Isle is, in fact, overpopulated because so many people go there or live there. Even though it is visited by people from all […]
  • Even McDonald’s Needs an Editor
    That’s right, McDonald’s has a grammatical error in its Mission Statement! I discovered this while researching mission statements and vision statements for my upcoming book, Fire Your Job, Hire Yourself. I couldn’t believe my own eyes and I had to read and re-read it several times to convince myself that I wasn’t just missing some […]
  • Five Easy Tips to Help You Get Your Business Bills Paid on Time
    5 Tips to Get Your Bills Paid on Time Busy owners tend to focus on the fire at hand, and often set aside mundane tasks such as paying bills on time. Here are five great tips for helping you get those bills paid on time, assuming you have the funds to do so: 1. Online […]
  • The IRS vs. God
    The IRS vs. God (because I gave up) I can’t believe I actually said “Thank you” to the IRS when they made the mistake, caused the problem, and probably shortened my life span. However, I was raised to be kind, so I was probably just thanking Carolyn, the very nice IRS representative on the other […]