How Boring is This Going to Be?

Ya know, this company has been around since 1986, for over thirty years! In that time, we’ve had four different website styles. Why is this being written as an article post? Because we need something to start out this process.

Let’s dust off some cobwebs and open the archives…

The First Website

The first website was a custom-built theme we designed in Microsoft FrontPage. If you don’t know what this means, think “MS-DOS.” If you do not know MS-DOS is (slight chuckle is heard from the old guys in the background), think horse hitching posts instead of parking spaces. At the time, it was an incredible website that shined above all of our known competitors.

The Second Website

We then switched to a highly-customized FrontPage theme that, again, was unique and advanced. There were hundreds of awards pages because we ran an Advanced Programming Award program. During this period of time, we ruled the Google and Yahoo search engines because we knew some soft areas of their SEO algorithm.

The Third Website

We decided to use the new (at that time) Microsoft Expression Web development platform using AJAX technology. We loved this platform and played around with it a lot…for a while. We built several client websites but never quite got around to finishing our own partial website. Client projects are far more important than our own so we left this website to collect dust for over a decade! Clients projects always come before our own website update needs. After all, we get almost all of our new clients from referrals. We eventually stopped bothering with trying to tune the website for SEO since it didn’t matter.

The Fourth Website

Ummm…well…you’re looking at it! For several years, we’ve been moving more and more clients over to WordPress because of their budget, technology needs, and the popularity of the platform. We found a tech tool that we love using with WordPress and we bought a license and decided to build our own business website. At this point, most of our website is created but there is more depth than we’re showing on the menu. Eventually, we’ll open some new features on this website.