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"If you are looking for an ethical company that offers a variety of business consulting services, we might be the perfect fit for your needs. Our companies have the resources to help you solve problems and save money (check out our Products & Services page for details). We've successfully done it for many other companies and we can do it for yours. We specialize in helping you identify what you really need and then helping you get it done."

R. Scott Alvord, MBA-MCA, BSCS
CEO, Advanced Development Concepts, LLC

Our Mission Statement

"Helping businesses thrive! We use our experience and innovation to help our clients be more effective. Through our talent and concern, we strive to exceed our client's expectations and to show integrity in our business relations. In this process, we become an asset to our customers which will cause both them and us to profit mentally, emotionally, and financially because of the results."

Social Media Doesn't Work
Employees know Company Differentiation
Reasons to Use Business Consultants
Want to Start Their Own Business

According to Gallup, only 44% of small businesses have an active social media strategy. According to a Financial Times Survey, 91% of businesses report that social media has no real impact on their sales. Tired of throwing money away? Let's talk!

Only 37% of employees strongly agree with this statement: "I know what my company stands for and what makes our brand(s) different from our competitors." This signifies a great opportunity for companies to engage and align their employees with the brand purpose in order to accelerate the brand's performance. This is critical in retail and service settings! Let's talk!

There are four reasons that companies hire business consultants:
1. Unbiased Outside Viewpoint for a fresh perspective.
2. Specialized Skills that aren't in house.
3. Controversial Decision Maker for politically-charged issues.
4. Temporary Help that's often cheaper than long-term employees.

According to Gallup, 68% of Americans who don't already have one, want to start their own business. But only 8% of these plan to start one in the next 12 months! All it takes is a mentor to help dreamers put the pieces together to make that startup business a reality! Let's talk!

Where we Serve

Our headquarters are located in Roseville, California in Placer County in the Greater Sacramento Mega-region, but we serve clients around the globe. Other regional communities that we serve include Antelope, Auburn, Carmichael, Citrus Heights, Davis, Fairfield, Folsom, Granite Bay, Lincoln, Loomis, Natomas, North Sacramento, Orangevale, Rancho Cordova, Rocklin, South Sacramento. We also serve key cities across the United States including Los Angeles, Napa, San Francisco, the Bay Area, Denver, Seattle, Simi Valley, Portland, Salem OR, Santa Barbara, Albany NY, Honolulu Hawaii, and Santa Rosa CA.